Gollan Sheep
A Healthy Choice

Raised the Way Nature Intended. Supporting the Local Economy.

We supply fresh and frozen lamb, replacement ewes, chickens, ducks and sheep milk soap! 

Hormone and steroid free. Pasture raised under the sun. All of our animals are fed certified organic hay during the colder months and plenty of fresh, clean water.

We do what we Love

Located in the quiet, rural area of southern Ontario, Gollan Sheep aims to provide great tasting, healthy products that are locally raised.

Farming the way nature intended, the sheep have access to large, green pastures, fresh water and fresh air 24 hours a day! 

Meticulous and individualized care is given to ensure happy, healthy sheep in a stress-free environment.​​​​

We also enjoy raising meat chickens every year and also have layers that keep us supplied with fresh eggs every day!

Get in touch!

email: gollansheep@gmail.com            Phone: 226-622-0887           Tania Gollan, Gorrie Ontario