Gollan Sheep
A Healthy Choice
Our Dairy Flock and Feathered Friends

We take pride in what we do and want to supply you with only the best. We raise purebred British Milking Sheep, East Friesian crosses and Romanov crosses. With fast growth, superb milking traits, excellent maternal instincts, and out of season breeding, our replacement ewes and rams will be a great addition to any flock. 

Our core flock consists of British Milking Sheep, a couple purebred Romanovs to add a splash of color and and some East Friesian crosses for their excellent milking traits. Our rams consist of a purebred Ile de France, British Milking Sheep and an East Friesian/BMS cross. 

Every year we raise meat birds for our customers. They are a huge hit and we sell out every year! We raise them outside under the sun with antibiotic free feed and all the grass they desire. The same goes with our layers. Nothing beats a day in the sun!

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