Gollan Sheep
A Healthy Choice
Our Chickens and Ducks

Pasture raised and free from antibiotics, hormones and steroids. Grazing on forages provides lots of vitamins and natural nutrients to aid in healthy growth. Grazing forages also increases the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids. Exposure to sunlight ensures that the fat will also contain vitamin D. The more yellow the fat, the more nutritious. The same is true for egg production, with the yolk carrying the signature dark orange color characteristic of high forage intake.

Our chickens and ducks live on the ground, catching bugs and scratching in the soil. Every day is a new discovery of fresh greens on a safe pasture so the birds do not get bored. We respect our animals and take pride in knowing that they have a had a good life in their natural environment.

2017/18 Prices:

Whole Chicken: $4/ lb

Whole Duck: $4.50/ lb

1/2 Chicken $4.50/ lb 
Breast $8.50/ lb

Leg Quarters​ $4.50/ lb

Farm Fresh Eggs: $3.50/ dozen