Gollan Sheep
A Healthy Choice
Our Replacement Stock

In 2016 we purchased registered Ile de France rams and Purebred Romanov ewes. In 2017 we added to the flock with Maedi visna negative purebred British Milking Sheep. We also bought in East Friesian cross ewes to add in milk yield and wool quality.

Prices for purebred and crossbred dairy sheep:

Ewe lambs: $425
Ram lambs: $500

Commercial Ewe Lambs and Rams:

Ewe Lambs and ram lambs that are not 100% dairy are as follows:
​Ewe lambs: $300 
Ram lambs: $300

Ile de France:

    The Ile de France has two primary purposes: as a terminal sire to produce vigorous, hardy, and fast growing lambs with superior carcass traits; and as an improver for crossbreeding with maternal breeds in a commercial flock. They add hardiness, longevity, feed conversion and out of season breeding ability to a ewe flock

British Milking Sheep:

   Average milk yield depends on the standard of management of the flock and can vary from 250 to more than 400 litres in a 210-day lactation. It is the most prolific British breed with an average liter size of 3 from mature ewes.


    A native of Russia, the Romanov is a fine boned medium sized sheep known for its remarkable prolificacy. The breed record is 9 lambs from one ewe! The Romanov is extremely hardy and gains well to 30kg, producing a very lean carcass.

East Friesian:

The breed originated from the Friesland area in northern Germany and Holland. They can produce roughly 300-600 litres of milk over a 200- to 300-day lactation. Purebreds do not do well in large, confined flocks but crossbreds excel.